3 Airbrush Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Airbrushing System Kit with Set of 4 Chefmaster Food Colors, Gravity & Siphon Feed Airbrushes, Air Compressor - Decorate Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Desserts

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  • Professional Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Airbrush System with 3 of Master Airbrushes best selling & user friendly airbrushes
  • Master Airbrush Models: G25 Gravity Feed, S68 Siphon Feed, E91 Siphon Feed and a High Performance Master TC-20 Professional Air Compressor
  • Includes a 4 Color Chefmaster Airbrush Food Coloring Set
  • Also includes a Quick-Disconnect Coupler and Plugs and a Free How-To-Airbrush Guide Booklet
  • Has everything you will need to get started! Perfect for Bakeries or for Private Use.

Complete System Includes:

  • Master Airbrush Model G22 Airbrush Set
    • Master Performance Multi-purpose high performance dual-action airbrush with a 1/3 oz. Gravity fluid cup and a 0.3mm needle & nozzle that allows you to spray from hairline up to 1-1/2" wide patterns. (Full 1 year warranty)
  • Master Airbrush Model S68 Airbrush Set
    • Master Performance Multi-Purpose Precision Dual-Action Siphon Feed Airbrush with a 0.35 mm Needle/Nozzle, 3/4 oz. Fluid Bottle and a 1/6 oz. Color Cup that allows you to spray from fineline up to 2" wide patterns. (Full 1 year warranty)
  • Master Airbrush Model E91 Airbrush Set
    • Single-action external mix siphon feed airbrush set with a 0.8mm tip, 2 - 3/4 oz. siphon bottles and has an 1/8" air inlet (airbrush can be used with a compressor or with the included hose & adapter for a propellant can) (Full 1 year warranty)
  • Master Airbrush Air Compressor Model TC-20
    • Professional high performance single-piston airbrush air compressor with air pressure regulator with gauge & water trap filter. (Full 2 year warranty)
  • Chefmaster Airbrush Food Coloring Starter Set
    • 4 of the most popular airbrush colors in .7 fl ounce bottles: Super Red, Hawaiian Blue, Canary Yellow, Midnight Black
  • 6 Foot Braided Air Hose with 1/8" Fittings
  • Compressor mounted airbrush holder that holds 2 airbrushes
  • How-To-Airbrush Manual & Guide Booklet by Master Airbrush

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